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Fred Ingrams En Plein Air

29 March 2017 - By Lynne Strover

April Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd the gallery will be hosting a special weekend exhibition of works by Fred Ingrams.

During the winter months Fred has continued to immerse himself in the landscape of East Anglia, depicting The Fens with a vibrancy and vividness that is rich and celebratory.

Fred Ingrams Artist

“The Landscape of The Fens only exists because of the millions of gallons of water that are drained into the miles of ditches that surround every field. These ditches are the beginning of the huge man-made effort to take water from below sea level via drains and pump houses, into rivers and then finally out to sea.

To me these precious margins are just dividing lines that run at ninety degrees to each other and border the huge fields of crops. The field they frame are slabs of ever-changing colour. You can look down them or across them. Depending on your viewpoint ditches form either horizontal lines that divide the landscape or converging lines that meet at the vanishing point. Looking down a ditch creates one kind of painting, looking across a ditch another. The result is two types of landscapes. you can stand in a fenland field and see both at the same time, all you have to do is turn ninety degrees. Ditches create the landscape that I love and thereby create my paintings.”
(Fred Ingrams)

Join us 2pm on the Saturday to hear Fred talking about his work at .

Image above: Winter Headland February, acrylic on board, 91 x 91cm


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