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10 August 2017 - By Lynne Strover

As many of you know, in autumn this year Lynne will be closing the doors of her Fen Ditton gallery and moving into central Cambridge. After 27 years and over 200 shows semi-retirement will be a welcome change for Lynne who has dedicated her professional life to promoting the best of contemporary British art.

Though never content to be idle it will not come as a surprise to hear that Lynne does not intend to disappear from the art scene…..

Without the pressure of planning and preparing for the next exhibition at the gallery Lynne will now be able to dedicate more hours to her own creative endeavours.

In 2009 Lynne enrolled in a weekend silversmithing course at West Dean College led by designer silversmith Howard Fenn. Since then, making and selling jewellery has become a big part of her life and a source of great satisfaction.

Lynne Strover Jewellery

Lynne continued her studies at the Central School of Jewellery in Hatton Garden and was also very fortunate to spend time working alongside Guy Royle at his studio in Cornwall. For 25 years Guy was assistant to artist and jeweller Breon O’Casey, an artist and friend who exhibited at Lynne’s gallery until his death in 2011.

‘As an artist and a person Breon has been a huge source of inspiration to my approach to making silver jewellery. The relationship he had to the materials  and technique had an integrity and simplicity that resonates deeply with me’.

Breon once remarked;

‘As I get older I use less and less tools and  if I can do something very simply and it ‘comes off’ for some reason, to me anyway, it seems better. It has more flavour than if you do it in a more complicated way.’

Using basic tools Lynne’s necklaces, earrings and brooches have a distinct style that marries both an ancient feel and a modern aesthetic, and would sit seamlessly alongside necklaces from the antiquities collection of a museum.

All her pieces are made using hammered and forged stirling silver, and incorporate a variety of widely sourced semi precious stones to make individual pieces that have a beautiful sculptural quality as well as enjoyable to wear.

Featured above: Necklace, stones from Marrakesh with 10 silver half moons, 47cm, £650

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